The sky

I grew up surrounded by space, an orchard of apple trees, strapping pine and oak trees, and a big Midwestern Sky.

My dad and I would sit on our front porch, watch the storms roll in, and count
the space between the lightning and thunder, anticipation mounding
as it crept closer, closer, closer still.

And when there weren’t storms rumbling in the distance, my sisters and I would lay on the patio with blankets and our dolls, gazing up at the queen that reigns over us all; the moon and her sparkling jesters. We learned the dance patterns of the stars and the relationship between our galaxy and the next (but somehow we never got around to watching Star Wars).

It’s all we have in the Midwest – the big, open sky. It inspires me in all my creativity - it serves as a reminder that there's so much more to learn, that we should never be without wonder. That there is One who made the constellations and the universe, but still chose human beings to be made in His Image. 



Just as the moon is reflects the light of the sun, I want my work to reflect the light of your soul, of a man and woman's love for each other, of a mother's love for her child, of a man's sacrificial love for his wife. I want the world to experience beauty in the simple, in the authentic, and in the vulnerability of human beings. 


 I'm 23, I'm engaged to a wonderful man, I'm a coffee addict like you, and I want to help you tell your story. Clearly I'm a nerd about anything in space, but I can't do math to save my life (otherwise you would find me in a NASA office saving the world.) If you want to work together, @ me. It would truly be an honor.