Style Guide

Hi hi hi! I've put together this guide for two reasons: one, to give a visual guide to my style in photography, what I prefer to photograph, and how I incorporate mood/location/weather into my work; and two, to give YOU peace of mind when it comes time to pick out an outfit or two for your photoshoot! 

Please keep in mind that this is a guide and not the Bible. The most important thing is that you and your S/O are comfortable and most of all, representative of yourselves! 



Something that a lot of people don't consider (I didn't until a few years ag0) is that location is a huge factor into what you choose to wear. Example: If you booked a shoot on a beach, it wouldn't make sense for you to show up in stilettos. Or, if you booked a kaya


If you scroll through my Instagram, you'll notice I photograph dark, rich, moody neutrals. There are no neons and no pastels (they don't photograph well.) The dark, rich, moody neutrals give you so many options, while letting you and your S/O be the focus!  Here are a few of my favorites that look good with just about any location, hair color, skin tone, etc. Please wear what you're comfortable in & what you feel represents you! 




You'll notice that a majority of my style involves motion - windy hair, twirly skirts, laughing, spinning, storms, waves on the lake... you get the idea. I try to incorporate motion into every shoot I do, because I'm not the type of photographer that does "Pinterest Perfect Poses" - I want you to get out there and dance around, dammit. So, if you're into that (which you are if you booked with me ;)) and want to make my heart sing, wear something that will blow beautifully in the wind! 


| They can be so much fun to work with. Things like your dogs, a picnic, violins/guitars/ukuleles, a floppy hat, a big blanket, campfire, flowers, or a canoe. You get the idea.

Hair + Makeup
| I think photoshoots are a great excuse to treat yourself, and I also think that you should look like yourself in your, I'm not much help there. I've done it both ways for myself, and I've loved the outcome both times. So, you do you. If you do choose to have it done, I recommend scheduling it an hour before the shoot to leave enough time.

All Other Misc....
| The Pinterest Board I created to give you some inspiration! (very few of those photos are my own)

| Bring options! if you aren't sure an outfit works, bring a 4-5  options, and we can decide together (or, Facetime me!) 

| The weather! I love doing photoshoots in the rain, so that won't stop me. However, if you'd rather wait for a nicer day, we can definitely reschedule. Or, we can move the party indoors - up to you!