Travel Schedule


upcoming dates for 2018

July 13 - 15. Portland, Oregon.
July 20 - 22.  Lincoln, Nebraska.
August 3 - 5. Denver, Colorado.
August 9 - 12.  Portland, Maine.
September 7 - 9.  Kansas City, Missouri.

bucket list.


Here's the sitch. If you're planning on going to these places, or doing these activities, bring me & we'll take a day to photograph you & your lover (for freeeeeeeeee). 

Yosemite. Grand Teton National Park. Grand Canyon. Banff, Canada. Hawaii. Iceland. Barcelona, Spain. Ireland. Scotland. Jerusalem. India. Thailand.

Sailing. Kayaking. 

Wondering if I'm for real? You bet I am. Here's the list of places that have been checked off the list:

Portland, Oregon. [Gallery Coming Soon.]

Portland, Maine. [Gallery Coming Soon.]

Denver, Colorado. [Gallery Coming Soon.]

Front Royal, Virginia. [Gallery Here]