Wild Waterfalls


I bet you had no idea that the Midwest has some pretty magical waterfalls.

Waterfalls are an insane force of nature. If I could build a little shack next to one and live there all the days of my life, I would. And for some reason, I didn't take into consideration how many beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls are in the state of Minnesota - just miles from my house.

I have dedicated serious amounts of time to hike, explore, and revel in the beauty of Minnesota's grandest and smallest waterfalls. If you've been wanting a dramatic and awe-inspiring background for your elopement, wedding, vow renewal, or portrait session, you don't have to go as far as Iceland (although I'm not opposed.. ;)). Let me show you the beauty that's right here in the Midwest. 

For the state parks & falls that are outside of the metro area, travel costs are reduced by half. I never want to miss an opportunity to visit these beautiful places.

Let's make some magic, eh?

Waterfalls & State Parks in Metro Area ::

Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis Minnesota. 

Willow Falls, Hudson, Wisconsin. 

Glen Falls River Falls, Wisconsin. 

Taylor's Falls, Taylor's Falls, Minnesota.

Waterfalls & State Parks North of the Twin Cities 

Devil's Kettle, North Shore, Minnesota. 

Cascade Falls, North Shore, Minnesota. 

Gooseberry Falls, North Shore, Minnesota.

More North Shore Waterfalls & State Parks can be found HERE!