A collection of articles that have been published between 2013-2017 both online + in print.

MInnesota department of natural resources career guide

I had the privilege to work at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the summer of 2016. They hired me to create career and recruitment materials for high-school and college students.

In this project I worked closely with many different groups across the agency, including but not limited to: the Creative Services Unit in designing this brochure, Information Officers in hearing about their divisions, an Affirmative Action officer to ensure we were enveloping diversity, the HR Department to determine appropriate salary ranges, and a photographer to set up a photoshoot.

I held a handful of informal focus groups with high-school students to hear what they were looking for in a career guide, I wrote all the copy you see in the brochure, I interviewed employees for testimonials and photos, and I presented the materials to the DNR's Senior Management Committee in order to ensure this project will be funded for future printing. 

The guide and the rest of the materials we developed debuted at Minnesota's 1st Annual Career Fair in October and were a huge hit. They've already had to repackage more.

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why beauty matters

My senior project, "Why Beauty Matters," explores the difference between classical and modern styles of architecture, in order to answer whether or not beauty matters when creating buildings. In the project you'll find three interviews I wrote with views from architectural professionals, a gallery of photos, and three blog posts I wrote exploring topics mentioned in the interviews.

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